Arm TrustZone technology is used on billions of application processors to protect high-value code and data. Arm TrustZone technology offers an efficient, system-wide approach to security with hardware-enforced isolation built into the CPU. It provides the perfect starting point to establish a device root of trust based on PSA guidelines.

Future Electronics — TrustZone Technology for Arm CPUs How the introduction of Arm Cortex-M cores has enabled implementation of TrustZone technology on microcontrollers; New microcontroller products which support TrustZone technology; TrustZone ® technology for Arm ® CPUs is a successful security system IP which is today used in hundreds of millions of mobile phones. Its adoption by mobile phone How to get a handle on TrustZone for ARMv8-M software Mar 17, 2017 ARM Brings TrustZone Security Technology to IoT Devices ARM's TrustZone technology, introduced about 10 years ago, is designed to separate and isolate non-trusted resources from trusted hardware, software and data while reducing the attack surface

The Arm Cortex-M7 processor is the most recent and highest performance member of the energy-efficient Cortex-M processor family, and enables partners to build the most sophisticated variety of MCUs and embedded SoCs.

Nov 19, 2016 · The first ST product family to incorporate TrustZone technology for Arm Cortex-M processors, making possible system-wide software security and a new level of trust for embedded devices. Oct 10, 2019 · TrustZone technology for Arm Cortex-M processors enables robust levels of protection at all cost points for IoT devices. The technology reduces the potential for attack by isolating the critical security implementation with an optimized AXI5 system for Arm TrustZone technology, accelerating the route to PSA Certified silicon and devices. Arm Ethos-U55 microNPU Ethos-U55* is the industry’s first microNPU designed for microcontroller-class devices. It is integrated with a single Cortex-M toolchain to provide exceptional performance - Fully bypassing TrustZone-M security features on some new ARMv8M processors. We will also demonstrating how to bypass security features and how to break the reference secure bootloader of the Microchip SAM L11, one of the newest, TrustZone-M enabled ARM Cortex-M processors, using roughly $5 of equipment.

Arm TrustZone Technology. Arm TrustZone technology offers an efficient, system-wide approach to security with hardware-enforced isolation built into the CPU. It provides the perfect starting point for establishing a device root of trust based on Platform Security Architecture (PSA) guidelines. The family of TrustZone technologies can be integrated into any Arm Cortex-A processor or processor based on the Armv7-A and Armv8-A architecture, and Cortex-M processors built on the Armv8-M architecture.

Sep 23, 2019 · • The Cortex-M55 processor, Arm's most AI-capable Cortex-M processor • The Ethos-U55, the industry's first micro neural microprocessor (microNPU) that's designed to work with Cortex-M processors. These technologies can be developed in a unified software toolchain for the simplest and fastest development path for AI. This easy migration further expands the Cortex-M ecosystem, for the benefit of all developers. Cortex-M23 Overview. Cortex-M23 is the smallest and most energy efficient ARM processor with TrustZone technology.