Never use a business account for personal use. Simply leaving messages on a discussion board will reveal your IP address to others. That information can easily lead to a stalker knowing where you work and finding you offline. Restrict personal internet use to home and public access computers. Ego Surf.

Aug 04, 2016 Here's How Much Your Personal Information Is Selling for Dec 06, 2017 Digital Privacy Protection | ReputationDefender Identity thieves use personal information found online to impersonate their targets and open fraudulent accounts in their names. Online stalkers Stalkers and disgruntled acquaintances increasingly turn to the Internet to find addresses, phone numbers and other personal details about their targets—including the names and locations of family

5 Ways to Help Protect Your Personal Information Online

Delete your social media accounts. Make a list of the social media accounts you keep — such as …

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You can then request a specific site holding your personal information to delete it. Use Google’s removal request tool. Since people mostly search for information using search engines, you can ask Google to exclude any results containing your personal information. A Google removal request form is easy and quick to fill out. This won’t guarantee a complete 100% removal from any Google search results, but will mean that Google will try everything it can to exclude your data from its Sep 29, 2009 · Well, that certainly is a tall order. You DO realize, don't you, that some of that material is a matter of public record, and almost all public records are available online now. So that can not be "hidden." About the only way to make sure any information about you is kept invisible is to make sure it does not get put out there to begin with. How to Remove Your Information From by Email. Send your request to (you may choose to create a new email account to make this request) Be sure to include your URL so that they can remove the right person.