Hi guys I hope you can help me, A while ago I used to live on my own in a flat and had Sky for many years but then I moved back in with my parents so I stopped subscribing. I still have my HD box along with a white card. My parents also have Sky but only the very basic package that they use in the lounge.

Can I have multiple Sky Q main boxes? No, you can have a maximum of one Sky Q 1TB or Sky Q 2TB. I have Sky Q experience, how many TV's can I watch on at the same time?-The Sky Q 1TB you can watch on 2 TV's at the same time.-The Sky Q 1TB UHD you can watch on 3 TV's at the same time.-The Sky Q 2TB you can watch on 3 TV's at the same time. If you have a Netflix PREMIUM subscription, it allows you to stream TV shows and movies from Netflix on four devices at the same time and in high definition (HD) and ultra high definition (UHD/4K) where available. I have the full sky package and am signed in but the now tv box keeps asking for money, I have sky go extra with only 3 of my devices in use, can anyone help me Solved! Go to Solution. Sky Entertainment: A mix of drama, news, music, comedy and children's shows. It also seemlessly links you into BBC, ITV, C4 and C5 for LIVE feeds and on-demand shows. These are the full access accounts, with access to ALL content. If you're outside the UK select the option that includes a UK VPN so you can access this content. I bet there are a lot of customers giving Sky Go details to others, much like how many give away there HBO Go logins in the states, they are not likely to chase you up or check, and even less likely to take you to court over it. Unless you are hacking the system to get more than 4 devices, then they might be bothered, but as is the case, nobody is. Before you close any accounts, you should first evaluate how many accounts you have, what they are costing you, what you use them for, and how they may affect your credit score. Closing an account may save you money in annual fees, or reduce the risk of fraud on those accounts, but closing the wrong accounts could actually harm your credit score. Dec 14, 2018 · And you can install and use the Netflix app on as many devices as you wish, regardless of the plan you choose. The Basic Netflix plan (£5.99 per month) allows users to stream TV on one device at

If you subscribe to Sky Sports through Virgin Media, you can watch Sky Sports on the move with the Sky Sports app on your iPhone, iPad, and most Android phones or tablets*. Once you start playing content through the Sky Sports app your device will automatically be registered. You can register up to 6 devices, and make 3 device changes per month.

Hi recently upgraded to Windows 10. I have re-downloaded Sky Go to watch Sky on my desktop but although it seems to recognise my details and has my 'Continue watching' list I can't press the PLAY button to actually watch any programmes, I can navigate around the app but not play anything. Would very

Sky generally won't provide multiple cards at a single address, except as a multi-room subscription - easiest method is to take out multi-room, and then ring and tell them you're having the land line phone taken out - they will threaten you with two full price subscriptions, so accept it!.

Watch the TV you love on Sky Go . With Sky Go you can watch entertainment, movies and sports live and on demand anywhere you like at no extra cost your Sky TV subscription. You can register up to 6 devices for each Virgin Media Account to watch TV, which can be any combination of computer, laptop, tablet or mobile devices as long as they meet the technical requirements for the Sky service. You can also make up to 3 device changes per month. Thanks. Steven_L