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Kernel-mode rootkits run at the lowest level of the PC’s operating system and give the attacker the most powerful set of privileges on the computer. After the installation of a kernel-mode rootkit, and attacker would have complete control of the compromised computer and would have the ability to … TDSSKiller tool for detecting and removing rootkits and The TDSSKiller tool is designed to detect and remove malware from the Rootkit.Win32.TDSS family, as well as bootkits and rootkits. These include the following malicious applications: Backdoor.Win32.Phanta.a,b How To Run A Rootkit Scan with Kaspersky Internet Security The Kaspersky Rootkit scan feature offers great protection against malware. It serves as a good daily scan that can be done in minutes in the background. It is a good idea to allow the Rootkit scan to take place daily, and manually scan if you’re uncertain about security. Download Kaspersky TDSSKiller for Windows

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What is a Trojan Virus | Trojan Virus Definition | Kaspersky Backdoor. A backdoor Trojan gives malicious users remote control over the infected computer. … Rootkit - the (Nearly) Undetectable Malware

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