The impulse in this paper lies in proposing a novel approach for improving the privacy among the social networking sites .The article presents the issues by a novel approach based on tagging and a

Top five social media privacy concerns | ReputationDefender Jan 03, 2012 Keeping Social Networking, Privacy Settings, and Mobile Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Snapchat or messaging platforms like Slack, WhatsApp, or Skype allow us to share personal updates while communicating with friends and co-workers across the globe. While these convenient technologies keep us connected, are you putting yourself at risk for cyber attackers to watch and learn what you are doing?

Why Check Your Privacy Settings? Content uploaded to social media platforms is not always …

33% of of all Internet-initiated sex crimes involved social networking sites. 24% of social network users say they are not at all confident in their ability to use privacy settings. Half of all sex crimes against a minor involving a social networking site, the social networking site was used to initiate the relationship. 81% of online 9-17 year Gender and Social Networking | Wikigender However, by engaging themselves to a greater extent on social networking sites, privacy and security takes a back seat. Data has shown that women are more likely to disclose information about themselves, publicise photos and have low privacy settings. References. External links. Global Report by ComScore “Women on the Web”

Social-networking sites face new privacy battle

How to maintain your privacy on social networking sites