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Feb 12, 2019 · Screenshots and icon images are also considered part of a metadata rejection if they are determined to violate the App Store Review Guidelines. Rejection details for apps with the Metadata Rejected status will be available in the Resolution Center. Note: Rejections based on metadata do not require rebuilding your app. Re: What does MetaData, Treewalk and Workflow mean? Jump to solution Metadata on SSD makes the treewalk have less latency and du,df, and ls commands will respond faster. Apr 07, 2009 · Even though you don't own a Mac, the file did come with the iPod and should probably stay that way. I, myself, would leave it alone. However, if you still wish to delete it, I would make sure you have a backup of everything on your ipod on your computer just to be sure, in case the software for the iPod becomes unstable because of it. The library's approach on metadata is that any piece of data that provides an unique frame-related info is a potential attribute. Therefore librealsense2 does not limit itself to hardware-originated data, but establishes an infrastructure to capture and encapsulate software-originated attributes as well.

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What is Photo Metadata - IPTC Photo metadata is a set of data describing and providing information about rights and administration of an image. It allows information to be transported with an image file, in a way that can be understood by other software and human users. ''Downloading metadata stuck" · Issue #5006 · qbittorrent

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What does metadata registry mean? - Definitions.net Definition of metadata registry in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of metadata registry. What does metadata registry mean? Information and translations of metadata registry in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. What is metadata? definition and meaning metadata: Data that serves to provide context or additional information about other data. For example, information about the title, subject, author, typeface, enhancements, and size of the data file of a document constitute metadata about that document. It may also describe the conditions under which the data stored in a database was acquired,