Fastmail is the best web email app I’ve ever used. Yes, better than Gmail. While the vertical interface (now tabbed) from Gmail is a good layout, Fastmail’s long vertical paned interface is perfect for my needs. I can very quickly dig in and start reading and responding to emails seconds after opening up in my browser (Chrome).

Fastmail: A Gmail Replacement - Research Teacher FastMail is a subscription-based service with no free tier, but the privacy, peace of mind and pleasant and straightforward inferface or well worth the investment. Given that I … FastMail loses customers, faces calls to move over anti Fastmail provides webmail that is faster to sync than gmail (seriously; I use fastmail for personal and gsuite for work all day); a calendar; and a nice little notes utility. Be warned it's fidgety to sync fastmail calendar on android because you'll have to use a 3rd party …

(10% Discount) Fastmail Review: The Email Solution

FastMail Review - Slant FastMail Review. $30-$90/yr. 27 12 . Review of FastMail powered by the Slant community. Fastmail is a personal and business web-based email service with support for IMAP, SMTP and XMPP. Ranked in these Questions Question Ranking #2. What are the best online webmail services? #7. Reviews - 10 Reviews of | Sitejabber

May 15, 2018

Moving 12 years of email from GMail to FastMail // voices