Apr 27, 2015

Here, from left pane, click on Change Windows SmartScreen Settings. Type your windows administrator password if required. Now, Windows Smart screen will open. Select options – Turn off Windows Smart screen. Click OK button. That’s all. Microsoft® Defender SmartScreen Frequently Asked Questions In Windows Internet Explorer 8, click the Safety menu, point to SmartScreen Filter, and then click Turn off SmartScreen Filter. In the dialog box that appears, select Turn off SmartScreen Filter and click OK. In Windows Internet Explorer 9 and 10, click the Tools button, point to Safety, and then click Turn off SmartScreen Filter. How to Disable SmartScreen Filter In Windows 10 Why Disable SmartScreen Filter. When it is enabled, the SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10 provides an additional layer of security, in addition to the Antivirus program that you might be using on your computer. However, there are users who have reported Disabling the SmartScreen Filter on their computers for the following reasons. 1. Turn off Managing SmartScreen Filter for Internet Explorer 8 Turn off Managing SmartScreen Filter for Internet Explorer 8 You must specify which mode the SmartScreen Filter uses: on or off.All website addresses that are not on the filter's allow list are sent automatically to Microsoft without prompting the user.If you disable or do not configure this policy setting the user is prompted to decide whether

Jan 16, 2020

[Fix] Can't Change SmartScreen Filter Settings in Windows Windows allows users to customize SmartScreen filter settings using Action Center. You can turn SmartScreen filter on or off according to your requirements using simple steps mentioned in following tutorial: How to Disable SmartScreen Filter in Windows 8 and Later? But sometimes users are not able to change SmartScreen filter settings in How to Turn off SmartScreen Filter in Windows 7 | KeepTheTech

Mar 20, 2020

3 ways to disable the SmartScreen Filter or Windows Sep 07, 2018