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May 12, 2013 How to Use the Best VPN for Netflix – Watch UK TV and BBC In this case I am going to set up the client connection from my Asus AC68U to one of Identity Cloaker’s VPN servers manually rather than letting the software handle it. You can see that I’m setting up a client connection and I merely select L2TP mode, input a name, the name of the VPN server and my user details to create the connection. IdentityCloaker Proxy Software Review ***** | Warrior Actually, Identity Cloaker is a "2 in 1" type of service because it does use OpenVPN Virtual Private Networking technology in addition to SSH Tunneling for situations where the first technology is not ideal. That one is meant primarily for the power users though, at least until I make some video tutorials on it. Identity Cloaker Review -

Installing IdentityCloaker. Once you sign up, you will select what device you want to use the VPN. There are versions for Windows, Apple OS X, iOS & Android. In the case of Apple OS X the program you download will then proceed to download some further files.

Identity Cloaker (free version) download for PC Dec 06, 2016

IdentityCloaker Proxy Software Review ***** | Warrior

Identity Cloaker v.1.1.2 Did you know that almost all the data you send and receive over the Internet is transmitted unencrypted and can be easily stolen? Spammers, hackers, data thieves, identity thieves and just about all kinds of bad guys simply love it.