There have been changes to booking driving tests because of coronavirus (COVID-19). You can book a driving test if you’re classed as a critical worker, for example you work in a hospital or as a

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-ed/-ing adjectives A lot of adjectives are made from verbs by adding –ing or –ed. They are called participial adjectives they take the forms of the present (-ing) and past participle (-ed) of the verb. -ed adjectives -ed adjectives are used to describe how we feel. Look at the following examples: We’re tired. Can we stop running? I’m

How is the text of this test constructed? Using AI, we analyzed 1000 most common English books. The AI produced a statistical tree of most connected word chains. The output text is trying to mimic real sentences with the most used word connections, which gives more accurate results.

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Test English - Prepare for your English exam The second verb is in the -ing form in the past too. When I was a child I hated going to school. (NOT I hated went to school.) -ing spelling You can check the spelling of the -ing form of the verbs in the table below. Verbs + to + infinitive Many verbs in English are followed by to + infinitive.