Bren-Tronics Incorporated, Commack, New York, was awarded contract a sole source, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity, fixed price with economic price adjustment contract worth a maximum $23,126,200 for Combat Survivor Evader Locator (CSEL) battery and adapter for the AN/PRQ-7 CSEL radio.

J-6769/U AN/PRQ-7 SPC Adapter, PN: BTA-70581-2, (NSN: 5980-01-526-8017) Used with the PP-8498 SPC to charge two CSEL Rechargeable battery packs. Backward compatible to the earliest CSEL battery packs. Four (4) are required to populate all stations in PP-8498 SPC. Oct 25, 1996 · AN/PRQ-7 Radio Set will replace the AN/PRC-112B Radio Set as systems become available and as the AN/PRC-112B is transitioned out of current fleet inventories. G. DESCRIPTION OF NEW DEVELOPMENT LIN R31430 : RADIO SET: AN/PRQ-7 . Date Established: 1999-02-01. Click here to view our complete list of LINs. Previous LIN R31061. RADIAC SET: AN/UDR-13. AN-PRQ-7 Part Number . National Stock Numbers Related To Part Number AN-PRQ-7 (1 listing) NSN Submit RFQ CAGE Part Description; 5820-01-499-4473: Submit RFQ: 80058

–Enter the HHRID in the PRQ-7/CSEL box –Note: For CSEL beacons, do not enter both the hex ID and the HHRID 8 . PRMS Screenshot: Notice & Consent Page 9 .

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CSEL Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery. Handheld lithium-ion radio battery used in AN/PRQ-7 CSEL (Boeing Combat Survivor Evader Locator Radio). Approved replacement for BT-70581 A & B Models. Technical Manual (TM) 11-5820-1159-12 Title: OPERATOR'S MAINTENANCE MANUAL RADIO SET AN/PRQ-7 P/N 4866112-101-11 Login to submit a request for this manual. The Combat Survivor Evader Locator (CSEL) system is the replacement for all Joint Combat Search and Rescue radios for aircrew and special forces, to support survival, evasion, and personnel recovery operations. It provides secure two-way over-the-horizon, near real time data communications, precise –Enter the HHRID in the PRQ-7/CSEL box –Note: For CSEL beacons, do not enter both the hex ID and the HHRID 8 . PRMS Screenshot: Notice & Consent Page 9 . TM 11-5820-667-12 TECHNICAL MANUAL OPERATOR’S AND ORGANIZATIONAL MAINTENANCE MANUAL RADIO SET AN/PRC-77 (NSN 5820-00-930-3724) (Including Receiver-Transmitter, FM 6-02.53 TACTICAL RADIO OPERATIONS August 2009 DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION.Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. HEADQUARTERS, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY