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Hi Im researching how to create a VPN between two offices for a very near future, I was wondering if maybe some easy Ideas were there, I keep reading that pptp is not secure, is there an easy not expensive way to create one, I have a sonicwall firewall that has VPN i would probably get another one for the new remote site, At first I had the Idea of having the users connect to VPN the sonicwall VPN connections with TeamViewer TeamViewer VPN is a one-to-one connection between two computers. TeamViewer will use a TeamViewer connection (handled as a remote connection) to establish a VPN with IP-addresses which are addicted to the involved TeamViewer IDs. The VPN service is not like your standard VPN, for example, Private Internet Access (PIA). About Manual IPSec Branch Office VPNs When a VPN tunnel is created, the two tunnel endpoints authenticate with each other. Data in the tunnel is encrypted so only the sender and the recipient of the traffic can read it. A branch office virtual private network (BOVPN) enables organizations to deliver secure, encrypted connectivity between geographically separated offices. The Connect two NAS using VPN : synology

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I am presently configuring a VPN connection between two of our offices so that we can have data/voice/video connectivity between the two sites. We want users to be able to access internet, while the vpn tunnel will be mainly for data/voice/video connectivity. I am using Cisco 1812 for …

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