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NSA Hard Drive Degaussing & Tape Degausser | NSA/CSS EPL-Listed Degausser Hard Drive Degaussers & Tape Degaussers Listed on the NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List, meeting the toughest government and industry standards for erasing hard drive and tape media Independently tested and certified to meet CE standards for safety and compatibility worldwide Erases perpendicular and longitudinal laptop NSA planted surveillance software on hard drives, report The NSA has been accused of planting Stuxnet, leading Reuters to finger the agency as the source behind the hard drive spyware, especially based on outside information. Report: NSA Hacked Hard Drive Firmware for Spying | www

Find out from the experts how to erase a hard drive - Garner Products, Inc. is the trusted, world leading manufacturer of NSA-listed hard drive degaussers, hard drive erasers, physical hard drive destroyers.

SEM Model 0101 Sledgehammer Hard Drive Crusher If you're looking for an NSA Listed hard drive crusher that is NSA and DOD evaluated, the SEM Model 0101 Sledgehammer is an excellent option. It punches hard drives with an impressive 12,000lbs of force, and it's able to punch any drive that measures 1.85" x 9" or smaller for great flexibility in use.

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According to Russian researchers, the NSA can reprogram your hard drive firmware. And you can't do a thing about it. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers sit quietly and don tinfoil headgear Degausser Myths | Data Security, Inc. Myth: Formatting, deleting, overwriting and/or physical destruction of media is an adequate substitution for degaussing. Fact: The only way to ensure all information is removed from a tape or disk is to use an appropriate, NSA approved degausser. Formatting, deleting, overwriting, Secure Erase and DoD Wipe does not erase files. These methods simply remove pointers and compresses disk space Macally Super Speed USB 3.0 Aluminum Storage