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Dec 31, 2019 · Hi, I am trying to ping the server from PC3 and PC4 only (green highlighted) however, I keep getting destination host unreachable. I am not sure what's incorrect. Please advise - I have attached the packet tracer file within the zip folder as it does not allow me to attach the .pkt file. Thanks What does destination host unreachable mean? Updated: 12/30/2019 by Computer Hope This message is often encountered when running the ping, tracert, or other network command cannot communicate with the host you've entered. ping to see my connectivity. so it says: Network is unreachable Than I typed . ifconfig: inet addr: Than typed . sudo /sbin/route add -net gw eth0 Now I'm doing the same ping and it says : Destination host is unreachable , for all the sequences. "Host unreachable" means that the kernel can't decide which adapter to use to send the packet so it gives up and drops the packet. The Metric for your local network is 9. That ought to be 0 or 1.

To check if there is no route on the local host to the remote, ping the remote client ping , and then check ARP entry arp on the local host if it got resolved. If it is incomplete for the remote-host-ip, then it means the ping ICMP packet never left the local host machine, the local machine doesn't know where to send the packet

Destination host unreachable indicates that the system has no route to the desired destination, or a remote router reports that it has no route to the destination. Ping Unreachable. Network Engineer delving into the world of Cyber Security A network administration utility used to test the reachability of a host. unreachable

Sep 28, 2016 · I have a pretty good idea of what is happening to you because the same thing was happening to me. I just downloaded this application not too long ago and I'm surprised that it was designed the way it was.

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot destination host unreachable issue. Resolve Ping Command Destination Host Unreachable response message: Step 1: Check if your Android device screen is off, when android devices screen turns off or sleeps, it stops a number of services as it thinks the user is not active. Ping your phone or device while it I couldn't understand why I cannot ping my physical computer from within the virtual PC-1 inside GNS3. Also, I cannot ping the router R1 interface from within the physical computer: $ ping PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.